Tree Contractor In Cambridge, WI

Cambridge is a small village in Dane County, Wisconsin. As of 2024, Cambridge has a population of roughly 1,700 residents. Located just a few towns over from our homebase of operations, Cambridge is an area you can often find our team! If you own a property in Cambridge, continue reading below to hear more about our services! 

Tree Removal in Cambridge, WI

When you need a tree removed in Cambridge, WI, the team of experts at Reon Rounds Tree Service can get it done! Whether it is a large tree or a small tree, our cranes can ensure the removal is a seamless process. We combine our equipment, expertise and skills to complete tree removals safely and effectively. By using up to date equipment and tools, you will receive the highest quality of work possible when you choose us for your tree removal! 

Tree Trimming in Cambridge, WI

If you want to keep a tree on your property but want to improve its appearance, a tree trim can do the trick. For starters, tree trims can remove dead branches and parts of a tree that has a disease. Tree trims are also useful when a tree could use a boost. If a tree has stagnated, a tree trim can give the tree a rejuvenation. Last but certainly not least, a tree trim can remove dangerous overhanging tree branches. 

Stump Grinding in Cambridge, WI

Is it finally time to get rid of that tree stump on your property? Tree stumps can pose a safety hazard, stick out like a sorethumb and can affect the value of your property. Our team can offer stump grinding services that effectively remove your tree stump for good. Removing a tree stump from your property creates more space and an area where your pets and children can play safely. 

Land Clearing in Cambridge, WI

Clearing an area of land can produce numerous benefits. For starters, land clearing can create an opportunity to use the land for something else. With land cleared, a new building or home can be built. Secondly, land clearing can improve pest control. If an area of land sees an excessive amount of pests, having the area cleared can send the pests away. 


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