Tree Contractor in Deerfield, WI

Deerfield is a Wisconsin City located in Dane County. As of 2024, the population of Deerfield comes in at just under 2,500 residents. While Deerfield is a relatively small town, it can still offer quite a lot. With the city of Deerfield being just a few towns away from our office, this is an area you can frequently find our team in! If you are a Deerfield resident or business owner, continue reading below to learn how we can help! 

Tree Removal in Deerfield, WI

When a tree removal is needed in Deerfield, WI, you can count on the team at Reon Rounds Tree Service! Tree removals occur for a variety of reasons and our team is always ready to heldp out! For starters, a tree may need to be removed if it poses a safety hazard. A tree that looks like it may fall over can injure somebody. It is also a good idea to remove a tree if it too close to your home or power lines. If you are interested in improving the aesthetics of your property, having a tree removed can also help check that box. Trees that are old and have seen better days can hold back the appearance of your property. 


Tree Trimming in Deerfield, WI

If you do not want to remove a tree but want to improve its appearance, having your trees trimmed is an alternative. Tree trimming can get rid of dead and dangerous branches and help your tree shine again. Having your tree trimmed can also promote healthy growth for the tree. 

Stump Grinding in Deerfield, WI

Many homeowners keep tree stumps on their property for years after a tree is removed but they do not provide much value. In fact, tree stumps can cause more of a hinderance than create benefits. Tree stumps can hold back the appearance of your land, pose a safety hazard, and allow a tree to grow back. At Reon Rounds Tree Service, we offer efficient stump grinding services that can eliminate tree stumps in no time. 

Land Clearing in Deerfield, WI

Clearing an area of land can provide a valuable opportunity to make use of new space. Our team has the equipment and resources necessary to help complete land clearing projects. Whether you want to clear land to build a new property or use the space for something else, we can help! 

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