Tree Services in Fitchburg, WI

Fitchburg is a surburan city located in Dane County, Wisconsin. As of 2024, the population has eclipsed 30,000 residents. Located just a short drive from our office in Cottage Grove, WI, Fitchburg is a community our team has done a fair amount of work in over the years! If you own a home or property in Fitchburg, WI, continue reading below to learn more about our services. 

Crane-Assisted Tree Services in Fitchburg, WI

Some tree removal projects require the use of a crane. When this is the case, our cranes can get the job done! Our cranes are equipped to handle any type of tree and maxmizes everyones safety. We do not let anyone just operate our cranes. Our crane operators are certified, experienced and have an eye for every detail. 

Tree Removal Services in Fitchburg, WI

When it comes a point where you need a tree or trees removed from your Fitchburg property, we can help you get it done! Aside from using our cranes, we have a handful of tree removal methods that can make your tree removal experience feel like a breeze. 

Tree Trimming Services in Fitchburg, WI 

Our tree trimming services can help your trees look good and stay healthy. A healthy and good looking tree can enhance the aesthetics of your property and add value to your home. Every tree grows differently and sometimes trees do not grow the way they are expected to. This can lead to unwanted or unplesant tree branches, With our tree trimming services, we can help you maintain your trees the way you envision. 

Land Clearing Services in Fitchburg, WI

Land is invaluable and our land clearing services can help property owners clear their land in no time! With more land comes new opportunties! 

Stump Grinding Services in Fitchburg, WI

You can say goodbye to that tree stump on your property when you choose our stump grinding services. Tree stumps can do more bad than good so there really is not a good reason for homeowners to keep a tree stump on their property.  Our stump grinding services can get rid of your tree stump once and for all! 

Emergency Tree Services in Fitchburg, WI

Tree emergencies can be unpredictable which is why our team always stays ready. No matter the day in the week or time of day, you can always contact us when you experience a tree emergency. Do not handle a tree emergency all by yourself. We can do the heavy lifting! 

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