Tree Services in Shorewood Hills, WI

Shorewood Hills is a small Wisconsin village located in Dane County. Shorewood hills currently has a population of just over 2,100 residents and is just a handful of miles outside of Madison, WI. Like many areas in Wisconsin, Shorewood Hills is no stranger to having an abundance of trees. Due to Shorewood Hills proximity to Madison and our office, our team can often be found in this area! If you are a Shorewood Hills resident, continue reading to learn how our tree services can help your property! 

Tree Removal Services in Shorewood Hills, WI

When you need a tree removed on your property for whatever reason, you can count on our team to help you get it done! We have been in the tree removal industry for well over a decade so we have handled a variety of different tree removal projects. Whether your tree removal project is large or small, we have the proper tools, vision and experience to help you get a tree off your property. 

Tree Trimming Services in Shorewood Hills, WI

If you want to keep a tree on your property but it needs a trim, our team can make it happen. Think of tree trimming like a haircut for a human. Over time, trees will need the proper maintenance and care to continue to function at a high level. When trees are not trimmed, they can start to grow awkardly. Trimming a tree is also a good solution to prevent a diseased part of a tree from effecting the rest of the tree. 

Stump Grinding Services in Shorewood Hills, WI

After a tree is cut down and removed, what remains is known as a tree stump. While tree stumps do not look like an issue from a distance, their presence can sometimes be problematic. Tree stumps are easy to trip over, not pleasant to look at and cause a tree to grow back. If you need a tree stump removed from your property, our stump grinding services can make the stump disappear in no time. 

Land Clearing Services in Shorewood Hills, WI

Our team also has vast experience providing land clearing services! Our land clearing service can help free up valuable space for new opportunities! With our vehicles, equipment and experience, land clearing projects can be a breeze! 

Emergency Tree Services in Shorewood Hills, WI

After over 15 years in the tree industry, we understand trees can fall down at a moments notice. This is why we offer Emergency tree services. Day or night, if your experience a tree emergency, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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