Tree Services in Sun Prairie, WI

Sun Prairie is a suburban city in Wisconsin located just outside of the capital, Madison. With a population well over 36,000 residents, Sun Prairie is one of the largest cities in Dane County. Over the years, our team has done an extensive amount of tree work in this area and we always look forward to doing more! If you own a property in Sun Prairie, continue reading the learn what our tree services can do for you! 

Tree Removal Services in Sun Prairie, WI

There are plenty of trees in the city of Sun Prairie and when it is time for a tree or trees to be removed in this area, you can count on our team to get it done! Our operation started all the way back in 2006 so as of 2024, we have nearly two decades of tree removal experience! Over this time, our team members have learned the best and safest methods to remove a tree. Whether it s one tree, or multiple trees you want to remove on your property, we can help you get it done! 

Tree Trimming Services in Sun Prairie, WI

If you do not want to remove a tree but want to improve its appearance, a tree trim can help you accomplish that. Having your trees trimmed is a good way to not only make your trees look good, but healthier too. A typical tree trim service can remove awkward looking branches or branches that have overgrown. 

Stump Grinding Services in Sun Prairie, WI

A tree stump is the base of what remains after a tree removal. In most cases, homeowners choose to keep tree stumps around for years. While keeping a tree stump on your property may initially seem like a harmless idea, over time it can backfire. Tree stumps are easy to trip over, not visually appealing and can affect the value of your property. Fortunately, most tree removal companies such as ours offer stump grinding services. Stump grinding services can effectively remove tree stumps once and for all. 

Land Clearing Services in Sun Prairie, WI

Over the years, our team has taken part in a handful of land clearing projects. Land clearing is common when an area of land needs to be cleared to start new developments. 

Emergency Tree Services in Sun Prairie, WI

After all these years in the tree industry, our team knows tree emergencies can happen at any moment. Day or night, our team is able to offer tree emergency services to our local communties. 

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