What Are The Benefits of Having Tree Stumps Grinded?

We all know tree stumps can be quite a nuisance. Not only are they aesthetically unpleasing, but they leave a mark on your yard for ages. That’s why homeowners choose to grind their tree stumps to the ground. It improves the entire look of your landscape and avoids damage to buried utilities. Besides, removing your tree stumps prevents you from tripping or falling over them.

The Hazards of Abandoned Stumps

Tree stumps linger in our yards, disrupting the uniformity of our landscapes. But that’s not all – they are also a safety hazard. Children unfamiliar with the yard can easily trip on stumps while playing. Stumps can also damage lawn mowers if you unknowingly run over them while tending to the grass.

You might not know this but tree roots continue to develop even after a tree is cut. This means that they can grow to damage your water pipes, sewer lines, etc. Eventually, you would have to spend some money repairing these damaged utilities.

Benefits of Grinding Your Tree Stumps

  1. Increased value of property. A well-groomed landscape without stumps will increase your home’s curb appeal and attract prospective buyers. It lets them know the entire property is being cared for. That way, your property gets good offers and sells faster when it is on the market.
  2. More space in your yard. Clearing out tree stumps allows homeowners to have more usable space in their yards. The new space can have landscaping features, such as new trees, gardens, and flower beds.
  3. Protects other trees in your yard. When a tree stump is grinded, it is converted into wood chips or mulch. It can be used to kill weeds, conserve water, and boost soil health in your garden. Furthermore, the removal procedure prevents the spread of pests and diseases present in the stumps.

When Should You Grind Your Tree Stumps?

If the stump is a home to pests, messing with your landscaping dreams, or a safety hazard, then you should remove it quickly. There are other reasons to consider the ideal time to grind a tree stump. Oftentimes, experts recommend that a tree stump should be grinded in late fall or winter. The trees are usually inactive during this period, decreasing the chances of transmitting diseases. Also, the demand for such a service tends to be lower, allowing you to book a professional with a flexible schedule and affordable price. If the tree has been only recently cut down, then you should wait a couple of weeks to allow the stump to dry out. Drier stumps are easier to remove than freshly made ones.

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